Indian Graduate Scheme 2k23

About the Program

The IGS scholarship program is designed to provide a unique opportunity for Engineering, Arts, and Diploma students to gain access to job-oriented courses that are typically expensive and in high demand in the IT sector. The program offers three cutting-edge courses in Full Stack Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Data Science, which are designed to equip students with the practical skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age.

By offering these courses to students through the IGS scholarship program, the organization aims to break down financial barriers and create a more level playing field for those who may not have had access to such resources otherwise. This not only benefits individual students, but also helps to address the skills gap that currently exists in the IT sector by producing a more skilled and diverse workforce.

Through the IGS scholarship program, students not only have the opportunity to learn these in-demand skills, but also to gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge through real-world projects and industry placements. This ensures that students are not only equipped with the necessary technical skills, but also the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Overall, the IGS scholarship program is a truly transformative initiative that has the potential to unlock the potential of a new generation of students and contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future.


Categories to avail scholarship

There are three different categories in this scholarship program, and you can receive up to 100% scholarship.

Category A

  • This category is based on Merit, awarded to students who excel academically.
  • Students scored above 90 percentage of mark in their college, will get full Scholarship.
  • Students scored above 80 percentage of mark in their college, will get 50 percent scholarship
  • Students scored above 70 Percentage of mark in their college, will get 40 percent Scholarship
  • Should provide proof of mark sheet and Bonafide certificate signed by their college principal.

Category B

  • This category of Scholarship is provided to financially backward students, providing support to students who need it the most.
  • Student’s parents’ income below 15000 per month will get 50% Scholarship
  • Should provide income proof

Category C

  • This is Scholarship for students with single or no parent.
  • Student’s parent income below 15000 per month will get 90% scholarship.



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Indian Graduate Scheme (IGS) is a nationwide scholarship program launched by WHY Global Services under WHY Tap in 2015. It offers job-oriented courses such as full-stack web development, digital marketing, and data science to engineering, arts, and diploma students.

The IGS scholarship program has three different categories – Category A based on merit, Category B for financially backward students, and Category C for students with single or no parent. The eligibility criteria vary for each category, and students need to provide income proof and mark sheet or bonafide certificate signed by their college principal.

The IGS program offers high demand jobs, 3-month course duration, over 300 hours of training, online/offline mode of training, corporate professional trainers, hands-on live projects, micro-batches of not more than 10 students, digital portfolio development, and free communication, aptitude, personality development, and interview skill training. It also provides 100% job assurance after successful course completion.

WHY Tap has trained and placed over 10,000 students across Tamil Nadu in the technical sector, conducted free seminars and workshops in over 100 colleges in Tamil Nadu and Andhra, partnered with National Skill Development Corporation of India, and provided free technical education for students in rural parts of Tamil Nadu.